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 This years prestigious event took place on the weekend of July 21st-23rd 2006. As usual all proceeds raised will be presented to local charities. Bands  and artists came  from far and wide (even Canada) and up country to entertain you. We have added an image gallery from this years event, if you would like any of your pictures featured please email them to Bob and we will see if we can use them.  We would like to thank everyone involved for their support and a big thanks to Paul Turton who made it all possible.

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  Image Gallery 2006

Helstonbury 2006 Performers

Friday 21st July

Al Rideouts        Kids Like to Rock Night

Saturday 22nd July

                    Start                      Acoustic Stage                    Finish

                                        13.00                      Judith Head                        13.30

                    13.45                     Ding Dang Do                      14.30

                    14.45                       Peter Luff                          15.30

                    15.45                        Bob Love                           16.30

                    16.45                         Roosters                            17.45

                    18.00                      Dave Aussem                       18.40

                    19.00                        Amy May                           19.45

                    20.00                 Champagne Charlie                20.45

                    21.00                       Mervin Hall                               

Cannon Stage 

                    14.00                     Blue on Black                        15.00

                    15.30                      Boneshakers                          16.30

                    17.00                            Riff                                  18.00

                    18.30                   Quarterpounders                       19.30

                    20.00                           Riptide                              21.00

                    21.30                     Crazy Horses                           22.30

                    23.00                     Bobbys Helmet                        23.55

Sunday 23rd July

                    15.30                     Ocean Fever                        16.30

                    17.30                          Krena                              19.00

                    20.30                    Not The Beatles                    22.30    



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