Osprey fishing at Drift

Well great weather this afternoon and a good day’s photography. Went to Drift Reservoir to see if I could locate and photograph the Osprey. I did bump into Adrian Langdon there, and he said the bird would appear if he left and he was right, lol. Good call Adrian!!! Anyhow I first saw the Osprey about 3.45pm where it had about four attempts at fishing without success. The bird then re-appeared about 5pm for another go.  This time a catch was gained on the third attempt. A little distant for the camera at first but some nice record shots later as the bird flew closer to my spot. First time I have photographed an Osprey and it didn’t disappoint, lots of action to remember from the fantastic display by this majestic bird. Right onto the pictures, not all the best one’s,but I wanted to give a sense of “The Hunt” as I seen it.

Osprey scanning the waters to locate a target fish

Massive splash as the Osprey dives in on the fish

Well caught

Flying off with the prize

Still shaking off the water when flying off

Osprey did a quick flyby on the way back to home for dinner!

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5 Responses to Osprey fishing at Drift

  1. Rachel says:

    Trust you to get the shot with the fish!!! Fab piccies

  2. Nice one Bob, I have this habit of missing the action. Went back to Walmsley and missed the possible Marsh sand as well!
    I’ll check that one again tonight on the high tide.

  3. sam williams says:

    Hi Bob, Looks like you have nailed the best Osprey shots, well done!

  4. Lovely set of images last one is tops for me, well done on newspaper coverage as well.

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